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    Beginning simply from my desire to create a microphone that represented everything I wanted in tonal qualities and engineering, endeavoring beyond what others had achieved to date. Today, I am extremely proud that so many artists, engineers and producers share in my enthusiasm and joy. I share that joy today with a team of high-caliber colleagues who work in our steadily growing microphone factory, where we pursue a singular goal, namely, to construct the best microphones that we are capable of creating. With a self noise measurement below 11 db A and the highest possible dynamic range and sensitivity, Brauner microphones set a new benchmark in microphone technology.
    In a little more than 10 years, this relentless pursuit of perfection has made us one of the leading German companies in our field internationally.
    The technical perfection and the tonal aesthetics of our products are unique in this form. They have set new standards that have changed the view of the microphone. What was once an everyday item, which could be reduced to simple technical parameters, was transformed into an active design element, in effect a piece of art, which is a tool for art.
    Following the example of photography, writing with light, we can view the art of capturing and reproducing sound as writing with sound and so as "audiography". Uncoupled from our old understanding of predominantly technically oriented ideals, which we fulfill where it is necessary and sensible, first and foremost we follow our perception - that what a microphone is ultimately made for is to be the first and most important link in the recording chain, used to create content, which unfolds to the listener with the greatest possible impact.
    At the same time, perfectionism and an absolute attention to detail are what really count for creating microphones, in which the highest artistic and technical ideals becomes one; instruments which additionally serve to make the uniqueness and originality of the sound as perceptible as possible.
    Additionally, Brauner Microphones especially represent ?made in Germany? quality and sustainable value. Therefore, we pay particular attention to using only renowned German manufacturers, whose quality we have trusted for years, when it comes to sourcing components. As a result, our customers are assured that they can always depend on their tools.
    In the rare event of a problem, our customer service is also renowned for meeting our customers? high demands. Customer satisfaction is always quickly and reliably achieved. Brauner microphones are professional tools whose tonal uniqueness are relied on by many of the most internationally renowned artists and professionals. This trust inspires and motivates us. To maintain this confidence in the future is not just our personal goal but our promise to our customers. A promise by which you will always be able to measure us.
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