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    Company Profile

    Analog Way - Pioneer in Analog, Leader in Digital

    Analog Way is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of innovative equipment dedicated to the professional audiovisual industry.
    For nearly 30 years, we have designed and engineered a wide range of award-winning image processing solutions and developed unique expertise in delivering uncompromising video presentation experiences to high-end customers in the Rental & Staging, Corporate, Broadcast, Institutional, higher Education and House of Worship markets.
    Our commitments to customers:
    -Cutting-edge technologies and performance
    -Rugged construction, uncompromising quality and reliability
    -Attractive, user-friendly and easy-to-maintain products
    -Consistent, modular and scalable designs
    -Advanced, simple and well supported product interfacing
    -Customer orientation and performance outcomes
    -Extensive training and technical support resources
    Analog Way's Headquarters, research, design and production are located in France, where the company was founded in 1989. Our products are distributed worldwide by Analog Way direct sales offices in Europe, the US and Asia. We also rely upon a global network of trusted distributors, dealers and representatives.

    Analog Way - Dates and facts

    1989: Analog Way is founded in France
    1990: Releases VIGA, the first European real-time Scan Converter PC card (without software)
    1992: Releases its first stand-alone Scan Converter, the SV315
    1997: Releases Smart Cut, the world's first Seamless Switcher
    1999: Releases Graphic Switcher, the world's first combined Mixer / Seamless Switcher
    2004: Releases CentriX, the world's first combined Matrix / Mixer / Seamless Switcher
    2005: Releases Di-VentiX, the world's first Mixer with Embedded Soft Edge Blending mode
    2008: Releases Di-VentiX II, Analog Way's Mixer / Seamless Switcher with Edge Blending and 4 Scalers
    2012: Analog Way unveils the LiveCore™ series, an innovative range of image processors and accessories dedicated to high-end staging and premium system integration
    2013: Analog Way announces a new line of mid-range Mixers / Seamless Switchers: The Midra™ series
    2015: Analog Way's office in the US, opened in 1998, moves to Metro-Atlanta, GA
    2016: Releases VIO 4K, the world's first multi-format converter supporting formats up to 4K60p 4:4:4 and the latest generation of connectivity including HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2 and 12G-SDI
    2017: Analog Way acquires Finnish Media Server manufacturer Picturall and launches its own range of heavy-duty playback systems
    2018: Opens direct sales and service office in Dubai and moves its Singapore office to Hong Kong

    Where to buy
    Official Site
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