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    Company Profile
    Who are we and what is our mission?
    More than 20 years ago, Tom Gheysens, turned his rental company into an installed sound company and started to distribute a number of brands for the Benelux market.
    Being creative with these brands, Audioprof NV soon became one of the leading installed sound companies. The fact that these brands didn’t bring the sound quality and reliability the Audioprof team was aiming for, together with Tom’s passion to deliver great sound in public places, resulted in the birth of the Apart audio brand. It was the start of a range of innovative audio products by installers, for installers: the Apart products.
    Today Apart Audio NV (formerly named Audioprof NV), the Belgian manufacturer of Apart products (loudspeakers and electronics), has more than 20 years of experience in the world of fixed installed audio. Apart products are distributed via a well selected distributor network, expanding all over the world in more than 80 countries. It is our mission to offer unique and above all reliable products that meet the customer’s demands with excellent value for money solutions. We offer great audio products prior to the small and medium sized projects in following applications: foodservice & hospitality, retail, outdoor, sports & leisure, education & religion, corporate, residential.
    Sounds like the right choice
    We believe that providing superb audio (one of the five senses) at affordable prices is a way of improving the quality of people’s life. That’s why we are passionate to be a leading company in creating installed sound solutions. We do this by being apart and empowering our staff to be the best in innovation, marketing and operational excellence. By being close to the installer we want to become the favourite installed sound brand. Our mission is to become the installers’ favorite choice in audio. We want the Apart brand to become top of mind in the head of every installer.
    As already mentioned Apart Audio NV was founded by an installer, so we understand and feel that installers are aiming for a partner excelling in creating and developing innovative installed sound solutions. We are a specialised manufacturer of audio products in which we combine reliability, easy to use/install, good service and attractive prices! We are passionate in providing excellent audio quality to the end-customer. The Apart products are especially designed for use in following fixed install market segments:
    Commercial audio: background music and messages in shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, waiting areas, theatres, digital advertising...
    Functional / industrial audio: sound in houses of worship, meeting rooms, classrooms, train and bus stations, sport centres, warehouses, offices, parkings...

    Where to buy
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